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Stressed? Join the Club!
By conservative estimates, one in ten Americans reports being under stress at any given time. It’s hard to avoid it in our fast-paced world, but once you recognize it, you can take action to deal with stress.


The Practice of Pilates
Pilates is the exercise of choice for serious dancers and gymnasts, and is used widely for sports rehabilitation and physical therapy. It also ranks everyday enthusiasts among its practitioners.


Beyond Hatha Yoga

More and more people are studying yoga and for some it’s their primary form of exercise. For those who practice Hatha Yoga, the traditional and ancient style that promotes breathing, flexibility, and healthful centering, thinking of yoga as “exercise” may seem odd. 


Yoga After the Baby Is Born

Postnatal yoga is a tremendous help in recovery. New moms tend to be physically exhausted, emotionally stressed, and generally overwhelmed. Connecting with their bodies is extraordinarily restorative.


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